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Since its establishment the company has managed to develop and maintain strong relations with first class Charterers, Traders and Operators in both Dry Bulk and Container markets. Different strategies are applied in association with the market status and its prospects, in order to maximize ships’ utilization and earnings whereas the Commercial Department’s main commitment is the  continuing expansion of such clientele base.


The post fixing service is considered vital for the smooth conclusion of every charter contract. Apart from the freight collection which assures the Owner’s earnings are collected without undue delays, the day to day follow up of each particular voyage enables to negotiate and clear out immediately any possible dispute, issue, case which may arise in the course of a charter in the most amicable and fair fashion, avoiding unpleasant, cost-ineffective and time-consuming legal procedures.


Monitoring developments in the shipping industry on a regular basis, the Company seeks for opportunities for its clients in the S&P market in order to progressively expand their fleet at the appropriate timing.  The Company has concluded over 200 Vessel transactions  since its  inception enjoying  a long experience in the field of sale and purchase of second-hand vessels, Newbuildings, Projects and demolition of over-aged units. Over the decades the Company has established connections world wide with major Shipbroking and Trading houses asserting its position as a strong and reliable counter party in any vessel transaction.

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Day to day control over the Vessels schedule

The Company’s stuff is dedicated to monitor the performance of the vessels under management in order to meet the contractual obligations and to satisfy their clients.

Accurate and prompt attention to contractual requirements

One of the Company’s strengths is the accuracy and swift attention to any requirement that may arise so as to serve their Clients in a changing environment as Shipping.

Attention to maintenance, repairs and dry dock programmes

Vessel maintenance is crucial for commercial shipping. The Company is giving special attention to the good condition of the vessels and is constantly monitoring in order to perform repairs and/or dry dock in a timely manner without delays and losses for the Owners.

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Focus on the physical condition of the vessels under management

The Company’s superintendents are attending all vessels under management in order to monitor and record the condition of same. Detailed reports are then compiled and at any given time, the Company is well aware of the condition and the weak spots of the managed vessels.

Compliance with the industry regulations and statutory bodies

In an ever changing industry such as Shipping, compliance with the rules and regulations is considered an obligation and all steps are taken every time from the Managers in order to assure that all vessels under management are meeting the requirements set by the statutory bodies.

Strict approach to safety and security

Ship safety and security at sea is a priority for our Company and the track record for incidents and detentions has been acknowledged by many participants in the industry.

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Selection of experienced and skilled seamen from an established pool of candidates

People that are being placed on board are selected from an established pool of candidates which have either proven their skills in the past or have recommendations and credentials that suit the Company’s standards.

Training of seagoing personnel in order to enrich their skills

The Company offers comprehensive training to the seagoing personnel in order not only to enrich their skills and knowledge but also to keep them updated with the regulation changes in the industry.

Crew evaluation and Management

Each and every crew member undergoes an evaluation of his overall performance and skills and the records are being kept as a database for future employment.

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Since every vessel is an investment, the Finance department offers quarterly and annual reports to Company’s clients in order to monitor how the investment is performing over the course of time.

Financial Control

The Company provides financial control services to the Owners in order to ensure that all accounting allocations are properly made and that balance is ensured.

Established relations with major bank institutions

Ever since financial institutions entered the shipping arena, the Company has invested into forming strong relations with major banks, especially in Europe.

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Site-team in China and South Korea

As the Company managed on behalf of its clients a fleet renewal program who placed several new-building orders in China and South Korea, it established an in-house site-team in order to oversee the construction of the vessels. Now, the Company has an established presence that guarantees quality, reliability and in-depth knowledge of all aspects involved in the construction process.

Strong relationships with Chinese and Korean Shipyards

Because of the considerable number of vessels, the construction of which was supervised over the years, the Company enjoys strong relationships with major Chinese and South Korean Shipyards.

Specification review and progress reviews with the Shipyards from Plan Approval to Delivery

Ship building is a complex procedure. Dedicated staff is employed by the Company in order to review the individual specifications of each design that is under discussion and to monitor the Vessel on each stage before its final delivery.

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Claims handling

Identifying issues when they develop and working on their resolution with our insurers and a network of external experts, lawyers and surveyors.
Following up all marine insurance claims and coordinating all the parties concerned in a particular case.
Coordinating the work internally with other departments (operations, safety & quality, technical) so as to achieve the maximum advantage for the Owners.

Marine Insurance

Monitoring all key issues, changes and trends in both the marine insurance market and the general insurance market.
Preparing quarterly reports on insurance premiums.
Approaching Underwriters for calculating and quoting rates for coverage and developing a coordinated plan.

Corporate / S&P

Handling internally all the corporate work as well as ship-finance, ship sale and purchase (including all the vessel registration procedures), newbuilding contracts, and joint venture agreements as instructed.

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